SE Academics

Academic Forgiveness Policy

Southeastern provides three Academic Forgiveness options to help eligible students overcome low academic standing. Although the transcript will still be a full and accurate reflection of the student’s academic performance/history, the retention/graduation grade point average (GPA) will reflect any academic forgiveness. The academic forgiveness options available are: Repeated Courses, Academic Reprieve, and Academic Renewal. A student may only receive one academic reprieve or renewal in his/her academic career and only one option can be used. The repeated course provision may be used independently within the limits listed below.

Repeated Courses

The first four courses (not to exceed eighteen hours) of repeated course work in which the original grade was a “D” or “F” are the only courses in which the original course grade will not be included in the Retention/Graduation GPA. If such a course is repeated more than once, all grades with the exception of the original course grade, will count in computing the GPA. Students may repeat courses above the first four courses or eighteen hours of “Ds” or “Fs” and they may also repeat courses with grades of “C” or better; however, in each of these instances all grades will be included when calculating the GPA.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Office of the Registrar when a repeated course situation occurs, whether the original course or the repeat course was taken at SOSU or any other institution. If either course (original or repeat) was taken at another institution, it may be necessary for the student to obtain verification from the appropriate SOSU academic department that the original course and the repeat course are in fact deemed to be equivalent courses. To comply with this policy, the student should request a “Repeated Course Notification” form from the Office of the Registrar, Administration Building, Room 100. This form should be filed with the Registrar as soon as a repeated course situation occurs.

Academic Reprieve

A student may request and be granted an Academic Reprieve for a maximum of two consecutive terms of enrollment at any institution subject to the following guidelines:

  1. A minimum of three years must have elapsed since the end of the semester(s) being considered for reprieve.
  2. Prior to requesting the reprieve and subsequent to the semester(s) for which the reprieve is being requested, the student must have completed at least twelve semester hours of regularly graded course work, excluding activity or performance courses. This course work may have been completed at any accredited higher education institution.
  3. The student must have earned no grade below “C” subsequent to the semester(s) for which the reprieve is requested.
  4. The student must be currently enrolled at Southeastern.

Academic reprieves will not be granted for students who have received a bachelor’s or higher degree from any institution, or for students who are attending, or seeking admission to, another institution (in state or out of state).

Further information and appropriate forms regarding academic reprieves are available in the Office of Academic Affairs, Administration Building, Room 307.