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Graduation and Changes in Degree Requirements

Students must meet all the requirements for a degree outlined in one catalog. The student may elect any catalog in force during his or her enrollment at the University, provided enrollment is continuous. A student who breaks enrollment (either voluntarily or by compulsion) for two consecutive semesters (excluding summer terms) may not elect a catalog earlier than the one in force at the time of re-entry. Under no circumstances may a catalog more than 10 years old be used.

Notwithstanding the provisions in the above paragraph, students in Teacher Education programs seeking state teacher certification shall in all cases be subject to curriculum changes insofar as these are necessary to meet certification requirements, without reference to the dates on which these students entered college.

From time to time, degree programs are deleted. When this happens, active students are given a deadline to complete the program. After the final deletion date for the program, the program is no longer viable. Any student (active or inactive) who fails to finish the requirements by the deadline will have to convert to an active degree program.