SE Academics

Appeal of an Assigned Grade

The Academic Appeals Committee acts upon appeals received in writing from faculty or students who seek to have grades or records altered. Students will have one calendar year from receipt of a grade to file an appeal. Faculty are required to retain student grades/exams and papers for one calendar year. Exceptions for appeal beyond one year will be considered in extenuating circumstances in which students exam grades/papers would not be necessary in order to consider the appeal. The decision of the Academic Appeals Committee will be final. The procedure for submitting a grade appeal is as follows:

  1. Request an Application for Academic Appeal (PDF) from the Office of Academic Affairs, Administration Building, Room 307, (580) 745-2200.
  2. Submit the application form along with a letter stating the reasons for the appeal to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  3. After the application is received, the Office of Academic Affairs will inform the student in writing of the meeting date. The Committee usually meets at the beginning of each semester.
  4. The student has the option of appearing before the committee.
  5. The final decision of the Academic Appeals Committee is submitted to the student by mail.

The Academic Appeals Committee is composed of eleven members. Eight faculty members, two from each academic school, are appointed through the University Committee Structure for two-year staggered terms and two students of upper-division or graduate standing are appointed by the President for one-year terms. The administrative liaison for the committee is the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Graduate Dean.