SE Academics

Grade Point Average Calculations

Grade Calculation Table

Grade Description Grade Points per Semester Hour
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Below Average 1
F Failure 0
P Passed * (GPA Neutral)
NP No Pass * (GPA Neutral)
S Satisfactory ** (GPA Neutral – Zero-Level)
U Unsatisfactory ** (GPA Neutral – Zero-Level)

Other Grade Symbols & Meanings

Grade Symbol Description
I An incomplete may be used at the instructor’s discretion to indicate that additional work is necessary to complete a course. To receive an “I”, the student should have satisfactorily completed a substantial portion of the course work for the semester but be unable to complete the remaining work due to extenuating circumstances. The “I” will become permanent within one year of the date of its posting. An “I” is GPA neutral.
AU Audit status is used for the student not interested in obtaining a course grade, but who is enrolled simply to gain course information. Enrollment in a course under audit status requires permission of the academic department offering the course. The allowable time to change an enrollment status from audit to credit or from credit to audit is within the first five class days of a regular semester and within the first three class days of the summer term. An “AU” is GPA neutral.
N Used to indicate that the semester grade was not submitted by the instructor by the appropriate deadline. The “N” must be replaced by the appropriate letter grade prior to the end of the subsequent semester. An “N” is GPA neutral.
W Withdrawals transacted during the first five days of a regular semester or during the first three days of a summer term will not be recorded on the student transcript. A “W” will be recorded on the transcript for all withdrawals occurring during the sixth day through the eighth week in a regular semester or during the fourth day through fourth week in a summer session. Following these deadlines for automatic “W’s”, the student will receive a “W” or an “F” depending upon whether the student is passing or failing the course at the time of withdrawal. No course withdrawals, including complete withdrawals, are permitted during the last two weeks of the term. These deadlines are for regularly scheduled, full-term courses. All other courses will have proportional withdrawal timelines. A “W” is GPA neutral.
AW An administrative withdrawal may be assigned by the Office of Academic Affairs to indicate that a student has been “involuntarily” withdrawn for disciplinary or financial reasons or for inadequate attendance. An “AW” is GPA neutral.
X Indicates that graduate thesis or dissertation is in progress; will be subsequently replaced by appropriate grade. An “X” is GPA neutral.