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Four – Year Graduation Plan

Earning Your Degree in Four Years

There are many reasons students want to complete their degrees in four years: some want to enter the full-time work force as soon as possible; others are planning to continue their education and do not want to prolong their undergraduate years; others feel they will save money if they graduate within four years. However, many events in life cannot be predicted. You may find that an opportunity for a valuable internship or choose to study abroad – meaning you may not to complete your studies in four years. New interests may change your goals and your major, which would require additional course work before graduation. Illness and other emergencies can also intervene. Some technical and career-focused majors require additional time to complete a degree.

Whether or not you graduate in four years, planning your progress toward your degree will add depth to your university experience and ensure that you are in control of your education.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Southeastern Oklahoma State University helps students plan for graduation by providing clear information about requirements that you and your advisor can use to plan your course work and by providing sufficient places in the classes you will need. You also will use the Schedule of Classes, departmental materials, and other sources of information to develop and monitor your plan for graduation.
  • To graduate in four years you need to complete 30-32 semester hours each year. Some students do this by taking 15 semester hours one semester and 16 in the other; others will take fewer hours each semester but schedule summer classes to make up the difference.
  • In order to graduate in four years, you will need to be somewhat flexible sometimes you will have to take a class at a time that may not be completely convenient, or you may need to substitute an alternative class for one that is unavailable during a specific semester or at a specific time.
  • Attending class is only part of earning a degree. To do well, you will need to maintain a ratio of class time to study time of at least two hours of study for every one hour of class credit. This ratio means that enrolling in 15-16 semester hours assumes a 30-hour-per-week study commitment, or a total of 45-48 hours each week devoted to your degree. Over the course of a week, even a 45-hour commitment can allow for a part-time job, a social life, and other activities. But good time management skills are very important. This may be a subject you will want to discuss with your advisor
  • Every semester you should review your plan with your advisor to be sure that you are still on track and to incorporate any changes that are appropriate.

How the Plan Works

  • If you are interested in a four-year degree, you should meet with your advisor early in your freshman year to develop your graduation plan and request a a four-year Graduation Plan Agreement.
  • Once your plan is complete, you should sign the a four-year Graduation Plan Agreement and file a copy with your advisor and the Dean of the School of your major program.
  • Every semester, you and your advisor will check your plan to help you see the overall picture. The plan will serve as your map to your graduation goal.