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Graduation Requirements

Degree Requirements

Completion of all three elements required for a baccalaureate degree:

  • General Education
  • Specialized Education
  • Elective Elements

Complete Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

Grade-Point Average
The student must have at least a 2.00 Retention/Graduation Grade-point Average in each of the following areas excluding physical education activity courses:

  1. all college work
  2. all college work completed at Southeastern
  3. all college work completed separately and individually in the major, the minor, and professional education
  4. all college work completed at Southeastern separately and individually in the major, the minor, and professional education(NOTE: All Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Science in Education programs have an additional grade-point requirement. For details, see specific chapter for each degree.)
Minimum Credit
The minimum semester hours required for graduation is one hundred twenty-four (124), which may include at most four semester hours of physical education activity courses. Within these total hours, the following requirements must be met:
Upper-Division Credit
A minimum of forty semester hours of the total hours required for graduation must be completed in upper-level courses (3000-4000) excluding physical education activity courses.
Major Field Upper-Division Credit
At least one-half of the credits required in the major field must be upper-level (3000-4000).
Senior Institution
A minimum of sixty semester hours counting toward the degree program and excluding physical education activity courses must be completed at a senior-level (baccalaureate granting) institution.

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Effective Fall 1986, each type of baccalaureate degree program requires a minimum amount of liberal arts and sciences courses as indicated below:

Degree Credit Requirements
Degree Type Semester Hours Required
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 80
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) 55
Bachelor of (Specialty) 40

Residence Requirements

A student completing a baccalaureate degree program at Southeastern must meet the following residence requirements excluding physical education activity courses:

  • Complete a minimum of thirty weeks and thirty semester hours of formal course work in residence at Southeastern.
  • Complete fifteen of the final thirty semester hours applied toward degree requirements in residence at Southeastern.
  • Complete at least two courses in each major field and one course in each minor field which are used to meet degree requirements in residence at Southeastern.
  • Non-education programs: complete a minimum of one-half of the total credits required for graduation in residence at approved institutions.
  • Teacher education programs: complete three-fourths of the total credit for graduation in residence at approved institutions: this requirement is applied separately and individually to work in general education, professional teacher education, and the field of specialization (major).


  1. See the Department of Aerospace for special residency requirements for its programs.
  2. Course credits achieved by non-formal study do not count as residence credits in fulfilling any of the preceding residence requirements.

Junior College Credit

Credit for acceptable work done in accredited two-year junior colleges is applicable on the first 64 semester hours of college study, with a maximum of 60 hours in academic fields (excluding physical education activity courses). Students above junior college rank may be permitted to complete in junior college certain courses taken as required courses to fulfill lower-level curriculum requirements, provided they have completed a minimum of 60 semester hours (excluding physical education activity courses) at a four-year institution.