ADA Compliance

Compliance Committee Members

  • Mrs. Sharon Robinson, Campus Coordinator
  • Dr. Michael Davis, Coordinator of Student Disability Services
  • Mr. Ross Walkup, Business Affairs
  • Mr. Stacy Ballew, Chief of Police
  • Dr. Lucretia Scoufos, Dean of Instruction
  • Mr. Eddie Harbin, Physical Plant
  • Ms. Teresa Owens, Residence Life Facilities Supervisor
  • Mr. Dan Moore, Technology Consultant
  • Mr. Steve Harman, Security
  • Dr. Claire Stubblefield, Compliance Officer
  • Dr. Camille Wilson, Staff Member
  • Dr. Vivian Guarnera, Faculty Consultant for documentation and Professor of Special Education
  • Dr. Charles Weiner, Staff Member
  • Mr. Scott Hensley, Staff Member
  • Mr. Michael Stout, Technology Consultant
  • Mr. Ben Wright, Student Government Member
  • Ms. Whitney Jones, Student Member