ADA Compliance

ADA Accommodations for Special Events

For all events held on campus, or through SE sponsored programs at other sites, be aware that advertisements should include information about how to request special accommodations. There should also be a disclaimer stating that accommodations cannot be guaranteed without adequate advance notice. The department or organization should be the first point of contact.

A sample ADA statement follows:

Please contact (put the name of the sponsoring program here) at (580) ________ to request assistance due to a disability. Accommodations cannot be guaranteed without adequate advance notice.

The sponsoring club or group may be responsible for covering the cost of providing interpreters. These costs should be discussed with the University (Liz McCraw X2080 or Marti Phillips X2884) before an event is scheduled. If it is a University wide event, the University will provide the interpreter, if requested. If your group cannot pay for an interpreter, and one is requested, contact Liz McCraw X2080. The University is ultimately responsible for compliance. Please begin placing this statement at the bottom of every flyer, brochure, or information about events that you put out in the name of Southeastern Oklahoma State University.