Curriculum Contest

General Information

Sponsor Area and Contest Headquarters

Contest Headquarters is located in room 202 on the 2nd Floor of the Student Union. The Sponsor Area is on the Loft on the 2nd Floor of the Student Union. A sign-in sheet will be available. Please provide a contact person and cell phone number for a school representative who will remain on campus during the contest in case of an emergency. Your students must remain on campus unless accompanied by a sponsor from your school. Coffee and pastries will be available for sponsors starting at 8:30 in the Loft.

Contest Results

Contest results will scroll across monitors provided in the Student Union. Division points totals will also be displayed on monitors. All student and division winner results should be available by 2:00. Sponsors who remain on campus until 2:30 may pick up student medals and division trophies before leaving. In the event that the medals and/or trophies are not claimed, they will be delivered before your awards ceremony by the Recruitment Staff of Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Senior Scholarships and Benefits

Tuition waiver scholarships at Southeastern are awarded to seniors who place in a contest. The amounts are $1000 for 1st place, $500 for 2nd place, and $300 for 3rd place. Seniors may apply for admission and enrollment at SOSU the day of the contest.


All buses are to enter the loop into the campus on 5th street. Continue around the loop to the north side to unload students. Bus parking will be on the southwest corner of 1st and University or the northwest side of 7th and University or north of the baseball field or the northeast corner of 9th and Chuckwa. Please insure that your drivers have access to a campus map as provided at the end of this bulletin.

Previous Student Winners

A list of student winners is provided online at the curriculum contest website. This list will be populated as the contest progresses. The list will remain available for the remainder of the year.

Student Conduct, Activities, and Lunch Options

Student dress code and personal items should conform to that of your school and is the responsibility of the school sponsor. University classes have not been cancelled for the day of the contest. Activities for the high-school students will be provided on the Plaza in front of the Student Union. Damages to any University facilities or equipment as a result of participant misconduct will be charged to the sponsoring high school. Students may bring lunches or purchase meals at the Magnolia Grill in the Student Union.

Sponsor’s Luncheon

A brief meeting at 11:00 for the sponsors will be held in the auditorium on the 2nd floor of the student union (room 213). An address by the SOSU President will be followed by the awarding of door prizes. A free lunch is provided for sponsors after the meeting in a hospitality area near the Loft.

Students with Disabilities

Please contact the curriculum contest coordinator at 580 916 0411 or Southeastern Oklahoma State University at (580) 745-2368 to request assistance due to a disability. Accommodations cannot be guaranteed without adequate advance notice.

Coordinator Contact Information

The SOSU Curriculum Contest Coordinator is Dr. James Britton. The day of the contest he will not be available on line, but you may reach him either in room 202 on the 2nd Floor of the Student Union Building or by cell phone: 580 916 0411