Curriculum Contest

Day of Contest

Schedule of Events

8:30 Sign-in. Coffee and donuts available on the second floor of the Student Union for school sponsors.
9:30 First contest period.  Each contest lasts 50 minutes with 10 minutes allowed to move to the next contest.
10:30 Second contest period.
11:00 Sponsor’s meeting in the second floor auditorium in the Student Union.  Please attend this meeting, it is valuable for the dissemination of information, including next year’s contest!
11:10 Welcome from President Burrage, photo session for last year’s winning sponsors, and door prizes.
11:30 Third and last contest period.  Free lunch is provided for sponsors on the 2nd Floor of the Student Union.
1:30 Trophies and medals awarded.

Wireless Access

There is an open wireless network in the Student Union and in most building across campus the day of the contest called SE_Guest.

Campus Map

A campus map is available HERE

Student Substitutions

You can modify your contest exam enrollment at any time up to the period of the exam by clicking the Login link.

Student Rankings

After all contest results are in, your complete student rankings will be available by logging in to the contest website and clicking the button “View Final Exam Rankings”.

Overall Contest Results

Contest results may viewed at the Contest Results link without passwords – your students with smart phones may want to know about this!

Single Student Exams

Final results for Journalism and Art will not be available until the contest closes at approximately 1:00 pm.

Contact on Day of Contest

You may contact Dr. Britton, the contest Coordinator in room 202 on the 2nd Floor of the Student Union or call him at: 580 916 0411.