Aviation Sciences Institute


What Does SE’s Aviation Program have to offer?

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Pilot
  • FAA authorized to certify grads for R-ATP at 1,000 hours
  • Excellent full-time faculty
  • Envoy Pilot Pipeline Program
  • Small class sizes
  • Active Alumni and Alumni Association
  • FAA Part 141 Flight school with Examining Authority
  • The Professional Pilot and Aviation Management (Business) degree programs are AABI accredited
  • Low cost, High Quality
  • Out-Of-State Tuition Waivers scholarship
  • For more information e-mail: gjacox@se.edu or Call 580-745-3252 or 800-435-1327 and ask for the Aviation department.

SE Aviation has partnered with Envoy so our aviation graduate will have a career path from student to airline pilot. This program gives the pilot a secured position at Envoy while building time towards the ATP minimum flight experience requirements. Not only does the program provide this streamlined career path, but pilots are eligible for flow-through to American Airlines once completing requirements at Envoy


FAA agreement allows Southeastern to offer ATP certification at reduced hours and cost

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