Biological Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Biology


Why Study Biology?

Biology students can have an interest from microscopic bacteria to the African elephant.  The biology degree allows student to select course options based on whether they are interested in health sciences, zoology or botany.  A degree in biology can prepare students for admittance into a variety of professional health programs.

Did you know?

Many of our biology graduates are accepted into:

  • Medical school/DO school
  • Dental school
  • Veterinary medicine programs
  • Physical therapy programs
  • Physician assistant/associate programs
  • Graduate school

Many of our students take the necessary prerequisites for nursing at Southeastern and transfer into nursing programs.  In fact Southeastern has a association with the ECU nursing school in which after accepted into the nursing program you remain on the Southeastern campus to complete the bachelor of nursing degree.


Major –  40 semester hours


  • BIOL 3404 (Genetics)
  • BIOL 3414 (Ecology)
  • BIOL 3814 (Cell and Molecular Biology)Anatomy
  • BIOL 4981 (Senior Seminar)

Option A: Biological Health Sciences

  • BIOL 1504 (Principles of Biology II)
  • BIOL 2114 (Introductory Microbiology)
  • BIOL 3614 (Human Physiology)
  • BIOL 3624 (Human Anatomy)
  • 11 hours of electives in Biological Sciences (BIOL, BOT, ZOOL, CONS)*

Option B: Botany

  • ZOOL 2114 (General Zoology)
  • BOT 2114 (General Botany)
  • BIOL 4303 (Evolution)
  • BOT 4214 (Systematic Botany)
  • BOT 4274 (Forest Systematics)
  • 8 hours of electives in Biological Sciences (BIOL, BOT, ZOOL, CONS)*

Option C: Zoology

  • ZOOL 2114 (General Zoology)full bird trip a Sum11
  • BOT 2114 (General Botany)
  • BIOL 3614 (Human Physiology)
  • BIOL 4303 (Evolution)
  • Two of the following:
    • ZOOL 4134 (Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomy)
    • ZOOL 4234 (Entomology)
    • ZOOL 4334 (Ichthyology)
    • ZOOL 4524 (Herpetology)
    • ZOOL 4534 (Ornithology)
    • ZOOL 4634 (Mammalogy)
  • 4 hours of electives in Biological Sciences (BIOL, BOT, ZOOL, CONS)*

Required Courses for all options

  • BIOL 1404 (Principles of Biology I) and CHEM 1315 (General Chemistry I) taken as part of General Education
  • CHEM 1415 (General Chemistry II)
  • One of the following:
    • STAT 2143 (Statistical Methods)
    • MATH above MATH 1543

* BIOL 1114, BIOL 1133, BIOL 1143 may not be used as elective for the major

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