Biological Sciences

Master of Technology in Biology

Statement of Objectives

The goal of the Master of Technology Degree program is to prepare graduates for successful employment and advancement in science and technology fields which contribute to the economic well-being of southeastern Oklahoma. The program develops a knowledge base through three core courses and provides for an option of specialization. Candidates who would benefit from this program include:

  • Local baccalaureate graduates from the School of Arts and Science who wish to obtain a master’s degree.
  • Individuals employed in business/industry who wish to develop and broaden their technological and problem-solving abilities.
  • Teachers in science, technology, and mathematics who wish to prepare for a job in industry, develop new technology job skills, or advance within the field of science education
  • Individuals in the region who desire an advanced degree for self-satisfaction or position advancement.
Admission requirements

In addition to admission by the Graduate School, applicants for the Biology option must be approved by the Biological Sciences department. When the applicant is accepted by the Graduate School, the School will forward the student’s application to Biological Sciences for approval.

The applicant must request a committee of three faculty members (see above) who are willing to serve as the applicant’s advisory committee. One of the committee members will be the student’s advisor. The student and advisor will work out a degree plan of courses that will complete the requirements for the option, and this plan must be approved by the committee.

The applicant may be required by the committee to complete some prerequisite courses.

Course Requirements

Core Courses 9 hours (Required)

  • CS 5003 Information Technologies
  • STAT 5153 Statistical Analysis
  • TECH 5153 Research Method

Thesis Option: Eighteen hours approved graduate coursework in Biological and/or Physical Sciences, plus thesis research to constitute six hours of Research (BIOL, BOT, CHEM, SCIE or ZOOL 5990).

Non-thesis option: Twenty-one hours of approved graduate coursework in the Biological Sciences and/or Physical Sciences and three hours of Special Studies (BIOL, BOT, CHEM, SCIE or ZOOL 5970).

Total 33 hours

Options completion requirements

Each student must pass an exit exam, at a level that is satisfactory to the student’s committee and in accordance with the general standards set by the MT Advisory Committee, in order to graduate. This is an individualized test constructed from a test bank of questions to be developed for this purpose. This test will be tailored to the specific courses that the student has taken. The student may retake the exam twice, and a different exam will be used each time, unless special circumstances require the committee to decide otherwise. This exam must be passed with adequate time (generally near the beginning of the final semester) to allow the student to apply for graduation.


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