Biological Sciences



The Department of Biological Sciences offers two undergraduate degrees to meet the diverse demands of students.  The degree programs are:

  • Biology (options in Biological Health Sciences, Botany, and Zoology)
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Science

Mission Statement

The Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to providing the courses and programs that enable students to discover and achieve their highest potential.  Students are prepared for careers by the breadth and rigor of each program; students develop the knowledge, skills, and habits necessary for responsible citizenship and continued self-improvement through lifelong learning.


Faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences provide personal attention to students in the classroom and laboratory, on field trips, and during extracurricular activities.  Faculty exemplify excellence in teaching, grantsmanship, research, scholarship, and service.  The Department is innovative and responsive to changing technologies and demographics and continues to pursue partnerships with regional constituencies.

Biology Building


The Biological Health Science option prepares students that wish to go on to further programs in medicine, pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy, physician assistant, dentistry and veterinary medicine.  This option is also a good choice for those wishing to go on to graduate school for further study of topics such as microbiology, immunology, genetics, molecular biology and cell biology.  Another option for those interested in the health sciences is the Medical Sciences Interdisciplinary double-major between Biology and Chemistry.  The Botany option is a good option for those interested in plants and agriculture as well as those interested in studying the environment.  The Zoology option is a good option for those interested in animals and can be a base for a future career in conservation, or working at zoos and other wildlife areas.

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Fisheries and Wildlife Science

The Fisheries and Wildlife program is for those that are interested in conserving and managing our natural resources.  The program prepares students for positions in a wide variety of jobs in the wildlife profession such as Wildlife or Fisheries Biologist, Wildlife or Fisheries Technician, Preserve Manager, Game Warden, Park Naturalist, Park Ranger, and Soil Conservationist.  It also prepares students interested in pursuing a graduate degree.

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Because Southeastern Oklahoma State University is a regional university, students can experience small class size, individual attention and hands on field and laboratory experiences.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in research with the faculty.

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