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On-Campus Jobs @ SE

SE’s Career Management Center:  (O) 580-745-2270; (F)  580-745-7486

Important Info:  On-Campus Jobs @ SE for SE Students

WHAT TO BRING WHEN APPLYING FOR AN ON-CAMPUS JOB:  Apply directly at the Department listed in the Job Descriptions below.

  1. A Completed Application for Student Employment (click to download/print).
  2. A valid photo ID (e.g., current driver’s license) and your original Social Security Card.
  3. Documents that will allow you to set up Direct Deposit at your bank (contact SE’s Payroll/Benefits for info:  580-745-2162).

The On-Campus Jobs @ SE ARE LISTED BELOW:

small copyEligibility to work on campus and approval for Work Study or Regular Work does not guarantee a job on campus.  Job descriptions listed below are not intended to be full or official descriptions of the actual duties. See the individual hiring departments for details.  Apply now!


  • SE’s Office of Housing and Residence Life is seeking a Work Study or Regular Work student worker for a Residence Facilities Assistant (RFA).  This position reports to Facilities Supervisor and includes duties:  assisting Res. Life Facilities/Maintenance staff by completing minor maintenance and/or custodial tasks, including Cleaning HVAC filters, changing light bulbs, minor carpentry work, and other as assigned.  Some day and evening hours required.  Training provided.  Background check is required.  Please complete an Application for Student Employment and attach a copy of your class (and other commitments) schedule and bring to the Student Union, Room 309. See Cynthia Horton (580-745-2948 or ).
  • SE’s Cafe and Magnolia Eatery  (Sodexo) is seeking Student Workers to perform various tasks related to cafeteria, catering, dishwashing or other related duties.  Currently, CATERING is a big need, along with these other positions.  Catering position has flexible hours, but are mostly evening and weekend hours.  Please contact Ms. Sandy or Ms. Olivia, (580-745-2895–leave message if no answer), or visit them in the GDJ Student Union, at the SE Magnolia Eatery or SE Cafe, to discover specific jobs and duties available.  Sodexo has a separate application.  See Ms. Sandy ( or Ms. Olivia (, for application information.
  • SE’s Educational Opportunity Center seeks a Regular Work Tutor/Student Worker, to begin work immediately after hire.  Must have clerical skills, including but not limited to Data entry, Filing, Answering/Directing phone calls, running Errands, etc.  Must also provide Tutorial services to EOC clients, prepare project materials, maintain and keep files and other client info confidential; other duties, as assigned.  Must have excellent communication skills, must have a 3.5 GPA or higher within the subject you will be tutoring; also must have good attitude and patience while working and tutoring.  To apply, complete an Application for Student Employment (see link above) and bring it, along with a copy of your class schedule to the EOC, located BEHIND the SE Bookstore on 5th street, in a little white building; or call Karen at 745-2913.
  • SE’s Student Support Services seeks a Mathematics tutor to start immediately.  Tutor will provide Math tutoring services to students in order to help student meet the requirements of a specific Math course; tutoring materials will be provided.  Must be a current SE student with a minimum 2.5 GPA overall and a minimum 3.0 GPA in the subject area to be tutored.  Must be able to work effectively with disadvantaged students.  Must be recommended by the Chair of your major department.  To apply, please visit SE’s Student Support Services in the Student Union, suite 204 and ask for Tracey.  Or call Tracey at 745-2927.
  • SE’s Office of the President seeks a Work Study or Regular Work student worker to perform various clerical duties, including but not limited to answering phones, filing, data input, running errands, fueling/cleaning SE vehicles, greet visitors, prepare correspondence and assist office staff with other various projects and duties.  Please complete an Application for Student Employment (see link above) and apply in the President’s office, located on the 2nd floor of the SE Administration building, room A201.
  • SE’s Career Management Center (CMC) seeks a Work Study student worker to assist two to  four days per week, in the Pearson VUE Test Center and the Office (CMC), as well.  Test Center hours are based on exam appointments and could be fewer hours than listed:  12 noon until 6pm on Tuesdays and 1:00 pm until 7:30pm Thursdays (or until all exams have been completed, either day).  Up to 6 hours on one or two Saturdays per month (9am to 3pm) may be required.  Workers must be dependable–show up for work when scheduled–must be on time for work.  The person hired will have opportunity to become a certified Pearson VUE Test Administrator.  All duties will include, but will not be limited to, clerical, running errands, answering phones, assisting with workshops, providing excellent customer service to visitors and exam takers, setting up computer and paper-based exams (performing Proctor and/or Test Administrator duties).  Training is provided.  No experience necessary.  Total number of work hours will be limited to 20 hours per week for both test center and CMC.  Please bring completed Application for Student Employment (see link above), along with a copy of your current class schedule, to the Career Management Center located in the Welcome Center, across the street from the Campus Bookstore.  Call first to make sure someone is in the office:  745-2270.  
  • SE’s Telecommunications Department seeks a Regular Work student worker to assist with installations of wiring and phones and other related duties.  No experience necessary.  Will train.  Perfect job for a technical mind. To apply, please bring a completed Application for Student Employment (see link above), along with a copy of your current class schedule, to Jory Smith (or call x-2110) in the Telecommunications dept, located on the 3rd floor, room 309, of the Russell building.
  • SE’s Department of Occupational Safety & Health seeks a Regular Work student worker for the remainder of the school year.  Must be a junior or higher and cannot be a Safety Major.  Duties include (but not limited to) running errands, clerical:  answering phones, greeting guests, assisting students and/or Faculty/Staff members; data input/typing, filing, light cleaning and organizing files and other items and other duties, as assigned.  To apply, please bring a copy of your current class schedule, along with a completed Application for Student Employment (see link above), to the Safety Dept. located near the northwest corner of the main Durant campus, next to Visual Arts building.  Please see Ms. Deanna in the Safety Dept office to apply or call 745-2318 for more info.  See What to Bring at the top of this page.


Work Study Funds are Federal funds used to pay student wages.  Regular Work Funds are SE funds used to pay student wages.  The jobs are basically similar, the title Regular/Work Study tells from where the funds originate.

Soft Skills are important to most employers.  You do not have to tell others you have them, but it is important to demonstrate them on a daily basis, especially when applying, during interviews and when on the job:

  • Read the Job Descriptions carefully, to determine the duties and how/where to apply.
  • Apply for on-campus jobs with a professional demeanor and clean casual or business casual clothing.  First impressions are very important.  Even on a college campus.  Campus departments are not required to hire you, just because you have been approved to work on campus.  Don’t apply right after a hard workout, for example, without cleaning up first.  Clean clothes/clean body help to make good first impressions.  Shorts and t-shirts are not usually good attire for applying/interviewing.
  • Once you apply, follow up with the hiring dept, within a few days.
  • Show up for work when scheduled/expected.  A job is different than going to class.  The job depends on you showing up and working.  The class does not.  But all the same, go to class, too.  You’ll need to keep your GPA up, if you plan to obtain a job after graduation.
  • Be on time for interviews, work and all appointments.
  • Be courteous.  Learn and practice excellent communication skills and customer service.
  • For more info, check out this article:  Soft Skills for Employees

For information on Interviewing Skills and Professional Attire, please conctact the SE Career Management Center (CMC) at 580-745-2270 or