Career Management Center

Visit the Career Management Center

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Why you should visit the CMC:

• Career development services to ALL SE students and alumni starting as a Freshman and on after graduation!

• Internships and employment opportunities

• Workshops, Career Fairs, other events

• HireSEGrads – Online job posting site where you evaluate companies and their job offers

• So much more!


Have you visited CMC yet?

Prep: Prepare yourself to be the best candidate you can by updating and building up yourself, your resume, your experience, and skills.

Get Hired: Find your dream job by networking, getting internships, connecting with business representatives at Career Fairs, interact with alumni, use the online HireSEGrads program, and starting early… don’t wait!

Succeed: Succeed by developing the skills necessary in all aspects of your career. Be prepared by learning what to expect in your first year out of college and on the job. Use the transitioning skills and workshops CMC has to offer.