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CIDT Tip: Adding YOU to Your Online Course

Do you ever walk into a classroom, turn on a PowerPoint, and just click through, expecting students to get all they need by reading the slides as it projects in front of them? I know you. I know you couldn’t do that if you tried! The same with videos. You don’t walk in, turn on a video, and expect students to inherently know why they are watching it and get all they need. As you present a PowerPoint, you do a lot of talking, often very passionate talking! Before a video, you tell them what to look for. Then you discuss the video afterward to ensure they picked out what you wanted them to catch and to make sure they thought about its implications to your subject.

Online students need the same commentary! At the very least, write in notes for your PowerPoint slides, but even better, add your voice! This will let your students really catch the passion you have for the subject! And, when you insert a video, add comments before and after, maybe even discussion opportunities, to provide a more in-class experience.

Make sure your course is YOUR COURSE, not just a collection of materials for your students to work through.

If you need helping knowing how to add comments to items or how to add your voice to your PowerPoints, please let me know!


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