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It’s time to request your Spring 2017 BlackBoard shells! Click HERE to fill out the course request form!

Please request your Spring 2017 Course no later than December 1, 2016!

Please allow three to five business days for your course to be prepared as the volume of requests will be high during this time.

Important Information:

The week between Christmas and New Year’s, Dec. 26 – 30 we will be clearing out old courses and updating BlackBoard. If you would like to keep any courses for your personal records, please archive them by following the instructions below. We will retain the last two years’ courses in our archives and they may be copied into new courses upon request. Courses older than Spring 2015 (142S) will be fully removed and inaccessible after December 26.

All courses created and developed for the Spring 2017 semester will be preserved and remain in your course list. 

If you have a department, organization, or “shell” site that needs to remain in BlackBoard and on your course list, please email us with the name and course ID to ensure that it is on our list!

(Please note that BlackBoard will be down for the update, from Dec. 26-30, which means you will not be able to work on courses during this time. Please plan accordingly.) 

To Archive Your Course:

  1. Enter the courseyou would like to archive.
  2. In the control panelat the bottom left of the BlackBoard window, click Packages and Utilities.
  3. Under Packages and Utilities, click Export/Archive Course.
  4. Click the large button toward the top of the window labeled “Archive Course.”

*You will have the option of whether to save the grade center files as well or to just keep the course content, design, etc. If you are concerned about size, you can click the button to Calculate Size. If the file is too large, you have the option to Manage Package Contents, which will allow you to remove certain items, such as large pictures.

  1. Click Submit. The course will be saved as a zip file on your computer or flash drive.
  2.  Repeat with other courses you would like to archive.

*To restore a course so that you can view its contents, you will need to upload it to a new course shell. This can be done in future BlackBoard Courses. You could also create a CourseSites account for free which would allow you to create and manage your own courses. (Southeastern would not have access to these courses.) Archived courses can also be uploaded into several other Learning Management Systems, some by the professor and some by the LMS administrator.

BlackBoard Update Information:

The BlackBoard update will primarily affect functionality and features on the administrative end. There will be no significant changes for you to adapt to as an instructor. Click HERE to learn more about the update.

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