Center for Instructional Development & Technology


Take a look at the videos and course banners created in CIDT! Let us know if you’d like to have a video or banner made for your course!

Course Banners

We want to make sure our online students know their teachers! Part of that effort has included the creation of Instructor Bio videos. We have been making these in CIDT. They can be used to introduce yourself to your students at the beginning of class, and they will also join our collection for prospective students to view.

Below is a list of links to videos that have been made. If you have not yet made one, we’d love to make yours next!





We can also help make other videos for your classes! You might consider making screen recordings of the course navigation or how to complete certain required tasks. You could also make a video preface for each week, chapter, or unit. We can video and edit them for you, or we can train you on a variety of ways to do them yourselves! If you are in need of certain technology, software, or training, please let us know! Ultimately, we just want more of YOU in your class! 🙂