Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master of Arts

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities: A graduate assistant (GA) is a position held by a graduate student who serves in a supportive role (assistantship) at SOSU while completing his or her graduate education. The SOSU Department of Behavioral Sciences typically hires students to fill one or more GA positions each academic year. All graduate students unconditionally admitted to either the CMHC or School Counseling Master’s Degree Program are eligible to apply for GA positions in the Department of Behavioral Sciences as they become available. Students must be enrolled in at least three (3) graduate credit hours each semester for the duration of their appointment to a GA position (fall/spring semester).

A student employed as a GA at SOSU receives a monthly salary of $700 and a full or partial tuition waiver as available through the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences each academic year. A GA is expected to perform a variety of duties for faculty members in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and serve a prescribed number of office hours each week. Typically, a GA is assigned an office from which to complete his or her assigned work duties.

CMHC Students who are interested in applying for a GA position should contact the Administrative Assistant of the Department of Behavioral Sciences. Positions are filled in August or September of each year. For more information contact the Administrative Assistant via:

  • Telephone: (580) 745-2256
  • Facsimile: (580) 745-7421
  • Office Location: Morrison Hall Room 001