Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master of Arts

CMHC Degree Plan

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Plan: The CMHC Degree Plan requires 60 hours of graduate semester credit coursework. The Degree Plan is broken down into four areas of study including (a) core counseling courses (24 graduate semester credit hours); (b) Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialization Courses (21 graduate semester credit hours); (c) One pre-approved elective course (3 graduate semester credit hours); and, (d) Counselor Clinical Training Sequence (12 graduate semester credit hours).

The CMHC Degree Plan has been specifically tailored to align with CACREP training requirements and Oklahoma LPC licensure requirements. Several courses have prerequisites or co-requisites as explained in the course descriptions. Though the student’s advisor will help with course sequence planning, it is ultimately up to the student to ensure that courses are taken in the proper sequence to meet the student’s preferred graduation date.

Degree Plan Form: CMHC Degree Plan