Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master of Arts

Program Endorsement Policy

Faculty members in the CMHC Master’s Degree Program have adopted endorsement guidelines as provided in the current version of the American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics. Per the ACA Code of Ethics (2014), “F.6.d. Endorsements: Supervisors endorse supervisees for certification, licensure, employment, or completion of an academic or training program only when they believe that supervisees are qualified for the endorsement. Regardless of qualifications, supervisors do not endorse supervisees whom they believe to be impaired in any way that would interfere with the performance of the duties associated with the endorsement.” (p. 14).

In the academic setting, endorsement includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

  • Approving a student for graduation clearance once he or she has completed all academic requirements of the CMHC Master’s Degree Program and has not demonstrated impairment as defined by the ACA Code of Ethics
  • Preparing a letter of reference for a student for employment, a credential (e.g., LPC), a doctoral program, etc.
  • Fielding a telephone call, written, or digital request from a potential employer, credentialing body, institution of higher learning, etc., regarding a student’s potential for success in the field of clinical mental health counseling

Thus, it is the ethical responsibility of faculty members to endorse only those students who possess the required skills, personal qualities, maturity, and mental capacities to engage in the requisite activities for their level of training and personal and professional development.

Please note that any CMHC Faculty Member retains the right to refuse to endorse a CMHC student or graduate of the CMHC Master’s Degree Program without cause or explanation. Furthermore, the GCCC has an ethical mandate to refuse to endorse any student who meets the ACA Code of Ethics (2014) definition for student impairment (Section F.5.b.), regardless of qualifications (Section F.6.d.), for graduation clearance.