Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Continuing Education Opportunities

Ongoing Continuing Education Opportunities for Students and Graduates of the CMHC Master’s Degree Program: SOSU proudly offers a variety of professional counseling continuing education opportunities through the Office of Continuing Education. For example, every fall the “Annual Dr. Wayne A. Dixon Honorary Scholarship Workshop” is offered for continuing education credits for a variety of professional licenses. Students and community practicum and internship supervisors receive a discounted rate to attend this excellent training opportunity. In addition, continuing education in the areas of counseling ethics and clinical supervision is offered nearly every spring semester to help local practitioners meet licensure renewal requirements. Students are encouraged to get in the habit of attending such workshops early to prepare them for post-graduate requirements of this nature.

The SOSU Office of Continuing Education is committed to offering a variety of training opportunities to mental health professionals communitywide to help ensure ongoing and up-to-date training to local community mental health service providers. For more information regarding these professional continuing education opportunities, please contact the Office of Continuing Education: