Environmental Health & Safety

HEP B Policy

  1. The new employee is offered the Hep B shot.
  1. If they accept the Department Chair or Supervisor will notify the Health Department of the employee or list of employees that will take the Hep B shot.
  1. The employee NOT the Department Chair or Supervisor will then make their
own appointment to get their shot at the Health Department.,
  1. The employee will furnish the University Department Chair or Supervisor with the Hep B paperwork to be kept on file by that Department Chair or Supervisor.
Do Not send the paperwork to the Safety Department or to HR it remains in that Departments records.
  1. If the employee declines the Hep B shot they then will come to the EHS Office at
Hallie-Mckinney on 4th Street and obtain a “Letter of Declination” to fill out and return again to their Department Chair or Supervisor to be kept on file.
  1. IF at anytime an employee wishes to obtain the Hep B shot they can request so with the same procedure as above.
Chief of Environmental Health & Safety Southeastern Oklahoma State University  Updated 07-01-2015