Environmental Health & Safety

NIMS Compliant Training

  • Adjunct Faculty, and Part-Time Staff - Reading Material only at hiring.
  • General Personnel: Professional Development for all faculty/staff - Required IS-100.c and IS-700.a (two on-line courses)
  • Critical Personnel: Directors and up - Required IS-100.c, IS-700.a, IS-800.b and IS-200.b (four on-line courses)
  • Leadership Personnel: Designated Staff - includes the four on-line courses and ICW-300, ICS-400 courses (classroom setting)
Support Staff:
  • Steve Harman is the Designated Local Point of Contact (LPOC) to coordinate NIMS activities and to ensure compliance.  You will send your certificate of completion for each course to sharman@se.edu or a printed copy by internal mail to the Safety Department, C/O S. Harman.
  • Dana Bell will be assisting all departments with the on-line course instruction program.