Financial Aid

Bureau of Indian Affairs

The United States government through the Bureau of Indian Affairs provides annual scholarship grants to assist eligible students to attend institutions of higher education. In order to qualify, a student must prove Indian blood quantum and meet certain residence, need, and scholastic requirements. Grants may cover such items as tuition, books, room and board, travel, and miscellaneous expenses. Below is a list of Native American contact information:

Apache Tribe

Phone: 1-405-247-9493

cherokee-nationCherokee Nation

Phone: 1-800-256-0671 Phone: 1-918-456-0671 ext. 2465

cheyeene-and-arapaho-tribesCheyenne and Arapaho Tribes

Phone: 1-800-247-4612 Phone: 1-405-262-0345 Fax: 1-405-262-0745

chickasaw-nationChickasaw Nation

Phone: 1-580-421-7711 Fax: 1-580-436-3733

choctaw-nationChoctaw Nation

Phone: 1-800-522-6170 Phone: 1-580-924-8280 Fax: 1-580-924-1267

comanche-nationComanche Nation

Phone: 1-580-492-3773 ext 3809

creekCreek Nation

Phone: 1-918-756-8700

kickapoo-tribeKickapoo Tribe

Phone: 1-405-964-4204 Fax: 1-405-964-6756

mississippi-band-of-choctawMississippi Band of Choctaw

Phone: 1-601-656-5251

osage-tribeOsage Tribe

Phone: 1-800-390-6794 Phone: 1-918-287-4525 Fax: 1-918-287-2416

prarie-band-of-potawatomiPrairie Band Potawatomi Nation

Phone: 1-785-966-2960

ponca-tribePonca Tribe

Phone: 1-580-763-0120 ext 106 Fax: 1-580-763-0126

Tonkawa Tribe

Phone: 1-580-628-2561 Fax: 1-580-628-3375