Financial Aid

Rehabilitation Services

The Department of Rehabilitation Services provides benefits to students with substantial physical, mental, or emotional handicaps. Eligibility and the vocational objectives of the student must be approved by a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor prior to receiving assistance. Financial assistance includes tuition and fees, contingent upon amount of other financial aid being received, and required textbooks, based on financial need and financial aid. This information and policy is subject to change when Federal and/or State policies are changed. Information can be obtained at:
Vocational Rehabilitation Office
1422 North 5th Ave.
Russell Building Room 101
Durant, OK 74701
Phone: (580) 924-2677
Fax: (580) 924-0208
Application for Rehabilitation Services should be made to the Durant office or to:
Department of Rehabilitation Services 3535 N.W. 58 Suite 500 Oklahoma City, OK 73112.