Graduate and University Studies

Mission and Vision Statement

Southeastern’s School of Graduate and University Studies offers a variety of graduate degree choices. Programs range in accessibility from face-to-face to entirely online, reflecting the needs of our diverse student body. Faculty and staff are available for help through various methods with timely, engaged responses to questions and concerns. Use our Contact Us box to receive additional information or click on the Graduate Studies link on the bottom to view additional information specific to a degree plan of interest.


Southeastern Oklahoma State University provides an environment of academic excellence that enables students to be nationally competitive in their chosen fields. By having personal access to excellent teaching, challenging academic programs, and collaborative experiences, students will acquire a body of knowledge, professional skills, and competencies for career preparation in their chosen field to promote success, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.


Southeastern Oklahoma State University will be a leading provider of selected baccalaureate and master’s programs in Oklahoma and northern Texas.

Updates and Notifications

Amendment to Academic Load Policy for Graduate Students (effective Summer Semester 2016)

A graduate student enrolled in three to five semester hours of coursework during any single compressed-format schedule (i.e., course duration of 8 weeks or less) will be considered a half-time (0.5) student.