Graduate and University Studies



Mid-level assessment program established; used 4 nationally-referenced instruments (ACT Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency [CAAP]; College Base Academic Subjects Examination [Riverside]; ETS Academic Profile; and ACT College Outcome Measures Program [COMP]; assessed all students who had completed between 60 and 89 semester hours.


General Education Task Force convened to address changes made in general education requirements by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education; a new program, including objectives and outcomes, was developed.


New General Education Program approved by University committee structure, administration, and governing boards; recommended formation of General Education Committee.


General Education Committee formed to oversee program.


General Education Committee recommended changes in mid-level assessment protocols; University adopted use of ACT CAAP as main assessment instrument.


General Education Committee proposed changes in assessment protocols; Committee worked with Director of Assessment and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs to modify protocols; initiated use of targeted groups of students in courses related to assessment instrument (e.g., Mathematics portion in College Algebra and other math courses; Writing Skills in English Composition II; Science Reasoning in General Biology); new assessment protocols implemented effective Spring Semester 2003; average scores for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors on the critical thinking portion of the ACT CAAP exam were higher than the national average; this was the first time that a cohort group scored above the national average on the ACT CAAP.


Director of General Education appointed; comprehensive inventory of general education courses completed; required listing of objectives and outcomes of general education on course syllabi; development of assessment plan for general education; formation of General Education Council to replace General Education Committee; Comprehensive Evaluation Visit by Higher Learning Commission.


Report from Evaluation Team recommended continued accreditation through 2013-2014; Evaluation Team required that a monitoring report concerning the general education program and its assessment be submitted by 30 June 2007.


School of Graduate and University Studies formed (University Studies added to the Graduate School); Associate Dean, School of Graduate and University Studies appointed; this office has primary oversight of the general education program and reports directly to the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the School of Graduate and University Studies; works closely with Director of Assessment; Associate Dean chairs the General Education Council; General Education Council, working with faculty, department chairs, and academic deans, developed new goals and learning outcomes, assessment protocols, and benchmarks, for the general education program; also recommended several policy requirements (e.g., minimum grade point requirements and sequencing of targeted courses).


Assessment Plan for new General Education Program submitted by General Education Council to Institutional Assessment Committee for consideration and approval; submitted to Academic Council for review and comment.