Housing & Residence Life

Choctaw & Chickasaw Halls

These two adjacent buildings form one of the most recognizable structures on campus, an 8 story facility with breathtaking views of the campus and surrounding area from the top floors.  Most rooms are suite-style living arrangements, where four students share a bathroom and shower, and two students share each bedroom (2 bedrooms per suite). The rooms are fully furnished with two modular style beds that can be lofted or bunked, two desks, and two dressers.  There is a closet for each occupant, and some rooms are equipped with shelf space and locking closets. There is a first floor lobby area where residents can relax, watch television with friends, play video or board games, or use the pool table.  Recreational and utility items can be checked out through Residence Life staff stationed in the lobby areas at various posted times throughout the day and evening. These items include pool cues, board games, vacuum cleaners, and brooms. Each floor is primarily accessed by means of a central elevator bank.  Each floor has a lobby area that can be used for socializing in a quieter space than the main lobby. Choctaw Hall is primarily an all freshmen facility, and Chickasaw Hall is primarily reserved for upperclassmen.  Each year, the specific community designations may change to reflect our changing interest and occupancy rates. Typical Room Measurements
    • Room Dimensions: 10′ 6″ wide by 14′ 6″ long
    • Windows: 44.6″ wide by 60″ long
    • Bathroom Doorway: 22.75″ wide by 94″ long
    • Shower Opening: 20″ wide by 82″ long (extra long)
    • Mattress: 38″ wide by 80″ long (extra long