Housing & Residence Life

The Residence Life Facilities Supervisor

  • URGENT OR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS – If your concerns relate to any of the following situations:  significant leaks, sparking or exposed wires, broken glass, any situation which may result in injury to people or damage to the building, please contact a Housing and Residence Life Staff member by telephone ASAP
  • During regular business hours, please call the Housing and Residence Life Office at 580-745-2948
  • Outside of regular business hours, please contact the Housing and Residence Hall Supervisor On-Call at  580-380-7460
  •   ROUTINE MAINTENANCE SITUATIONS – To e-mail the RLFS regarding all other (routine) maintenance questions or concerns,  e-mail Housing Maintenance <ResidenceLifeMaintenance@se.edu>.

    Please be sure to include the following:


    Your name and contact phone number 


  • Room hall and room number (include the letter for NH and SHS rooms)
  • A detailed description of the problem. Be sure to include the specific location and specific problem you are experiencing. The best way to provide information is to imagine you are the staff member assigned to investigate the problem, would your description provide enough information to enable the staff person to locate the problem and address it?