Housing & Residence Life

How to Apply to live on Campus

At Southeastern, our goal is to streamline the application process. Therefore, we do not have a separate process for applying to live on campus and “contracting” for a room.  Our process is combined, and can be initiated by completing the Residence Hall Agreement (aka Housing Agreement), also called the housing application. Information for the upcoming fall semester usually becomes available during the prior spring semester.  This includes the projected and/or approved housing and meal plan rates, available specialty communities, etc.  However, the general Residence Hall Agreement can be submitted at any point. The on-line application process is available to all admitted students who are at least 18 years old at the time of application submission.  (Please be aware that after submitting the initial Residence Hall Agreement/application, you will then be asked to make the $100 application fee/deposit payment, using a credit card.  If you are unable to make a credit card payment, you will be instructed to contact the SE Business Services Office to process a payment in a different manner.) Click here to RESERVE YOUR ROOM NOW, using the on-line application process. For individuals who have not yet been admitted or who are not yet 18 years of age, the paper forms will need to be submitted.  Please note, we do not encourage those who are not yet admitted to apply for housing, unless special circumstances exist (such as international student status, etc.). The paper forms may be obtained from the Housing and Residence Life Office (located on the 3rd floor of the GDJ Student Union building) or may be obtained from this website.  Once the student has read the Terms & Conditions of Residence Hall Agreement (aka Housing Agreement)(PDF) and completed the Residence Hall Agreement (aka Housing Agreement) (PDF) (parts 1 & 2(PDF)) it should be mailed or brought to the Business Services Office with a $100 application fee.

Some basic information regarding the assignment process

Specific Roommate requests MUST be received by the June 15th priority deadline. (It is helpful if these are mailed in the same envelope or submitted to the Business Services Office together.) The initial priority deadline for Residence Hall Agreements is June 15th. This means that all agreements received prior to this date will be given priority over requests received after this date. Room assignments are made after July 1, and will be emailed to students (at their SE student email account) starting July 15th. Continuing students will have the opportunity to participate in the Priority Room Assignment Process during the spring semester (notice will be posted in halls). Additionally, newly admitted students will be given the opportunity to participate in Advanced Room Assignment Process on SE’s Curriculum Contest day. (See SE calendar for a specific date.) This option is open only to prospective students who are present and submit a Residence Hall Agreement and deposit on (or prior to) curriculum contest day. Other than these specified dates, all assignments will be made after June 15th for Residence Hall Agreement received by June 15th. Any Residence Hall Agreement received after June 15th will be assigned on a space available basis, and students may not receive assignment information prior to the move in date. If you are a continuing resident student, your current security deposit will continue to act as an application fee/deposit for any future Residence Hall Agreements, as long as the $100 balance remains. Continuing residents who have additional charges or fees MAY need to submit an additional security deposit, depending upon the situation.