Housing & Residence Life

Information for Parents

WELCOME PARENTS!! The intention of this link is to provide some resources for parents, who often do not hear from their students, some of the important information that could affect the student and/or parents…  First, as Director of Residence Life, I would like to express my appreciation for supporting your student’s decision to come to Southeastern and to live in the SE Residence Halls.  For those of us who have attended college, the friendships we made in the Residence Halls and the experiences we had in the halls, are frequently among our most treasured memories of our time at college. However, living in the Residence Hall can also prove challenging to some students.  It is an environment where students must live in community with others who may be different than they are.  As a Department and a University, we value the diversity reflected in our halls.  However, we understand that this could be the first time some of our students encounter those who have different lifestyles or goals, have a different ethnicity or come from a different culture or country, have a different religion, or any of a host of other differences.  We view this time as an opportunity for our resident students to learn how to live and work within a diverse community.  The world has become a very small place, and it is increasingly essential for successful individuals to learn how to communicate and work within a community with differences. In addition to these goals for our resident students, we also endorse a commitment to the ideals of civic responsibility.  We believe that each member of the residential community has an obligation to take personal responsibility for their living environment.  This expectation may challenge our students to get involved when they normally might choose not to..  We encourage our residents to strive to make a positive difference in the residence halls, the University, the Durant and Bryan County community, and the world.  We ask you to become our partners in both challenging your students to grow and learn from this experience, and supporting them as they continue to develop. Some important things to be aware of … Please take time to review the following documents that may impact your student(s):
  • The Mission and Goals of the Department of Residence Life
  • Confidentiality & FERPA
  • Residence Hall &Food Services Agreement Terms & Conditions
  • Resident Student Handbook
  • SE Student Code of Conduct
  • SE Campus Crime Statistics
  • Maintenance concerns
  • SE Alert