Information Technology

Web Page Policies

Approved by the President September 9, 2003 Directors, department chairs, deans/division chairs, vice presidents or respective designees of these SOSU units are responsible for reviewing, clearing, and maintaining information published on official SOSU Web pages. The unit (department) is ultimately responsible for page content and is responsible for following university policies and local, state, and Federal laws. This policy applies to SOSU Web pages (sites) representing university schools/divisions, departments, programs, sanctioned organizations, alumni, retired faculty and to any member of the university community acting in his or her university capacity and/or using university resources. Each semester unit (department) web sites should be updated with accurate and current content, ADA compliance, and functionality. A checklist of items may be found on the Information Technology Web Services pages. Questions about these policies should be directed to the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology.

Web Page Content Guidelines

SOSU recognizes the value and potential of maintaining a presence on the web. Faculty, staff, and student organizations may create web pages (sites) that carry out official University business in support of the University’s missions. Personal pages may be published to provide information about an individual which is relevant to that individual’s role at the University but may not be used for personal gain, or personal business or any other activity that is not consistent with the SOSU mission. Contents of all web pages must follow University standards regarding nondiscrimination and must conform to law and University policies. The law includes ADA compliance. The specifics for ADA compliance can be found on the Information Technology Web Services site. Individual units within the University may define conditions of use for web pages under their control. These statements must be consistent with this overall policy but may provide additional detail, guidelines, and/or restrictions. Where such conditions of use exist, the unit’s enforcement mechanisms defined therein shall apply. Each SOSU unit or department is responsible for maintaining content that is accurate and current. All web pages are expected to use accurate, standardized information on enrollment, research funding, number of faculty, number of buildings, acreage, finances, etc., which is available from the offices of the appropriate vice president, the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, or the Office of Public Information.
  • The web pages should include instruction about how readers can obtain additional information and, if possible, an E-mail link.
  • The Home Page should include the date of last modification.
  • Each web page should be clearly identifiable as a page associated with SOSU. The navigation should provide the ability to return to the SOSU Home Page.
  • Disclaimer: SOSU is not responsible for the misuse of information provided on any web pages.

Web Page Image Guidelines

In order for official Web pages to be consistent, all official pages must obey the following guidelines:
  • The name of the institution is Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
  • The initials SOSU (without periods) may be used on second reference.
  • The University seal is reserved for use in official University publications and on degrees, certificates and legal documents. It may not be used for advertising purposes or in web home pages that publicize a facility, event, or service of the University.
  • Department logos may not supersede the SOSU logo.
  • All web pages will be clearly identifiable as SOSU web pages at the top of each page.

Web Page Layout Guidelines

  • Templates are available on the Information Technology Web Services pages. These templates lay the foundation for ADA compliance and provide the navigation mechanism.
  • Images should be of the appropriate format, file type and size for accessibility and usability standards.
  • The design and layout should take into consideration the technology of the potential viewers.
  • Navigation should be included to indicate to the viewers where they are within the SOSU web pages and provide guidance for finding specific content.