Information Technology

E-mail Instructions

Upon completion of enrollment, each student is assigned a Southeastern student email address at the beginning of their first semester. The email account can be accessed at:

Upon accessing the Microsoft Email Sign in page, the student must enter his/her user ID in the appropriate input box. The user ID will be comprised in the following manner: [FIRST INITIAL][LAST NAME][LAST 2 DIGITS OF STUDENTID NUMBER] Default passwords will be set to the 8 digit birth date [MMDDYYYY].  See the next section, Forgot your password? for help.
Example: Student: John Doe Student ID: 123456789 DOB: 07021776 Username: Password: 07021776

Microsoft Email Sign in page

Microsoft Email Password page

Campus Connect, which will allow students to login using their SSN or their student ID number. Students may also contact the Registrar’s Office in person to obtain their Student ID number. The new Student ID number will be printed on student schedules, award letters, and billing statements.

Forgot your password?

You now use the same username and password for computer labs, campus WiFi, student email, and Blackboard.  If you have forgotten this password, log in to CampusConnect (instructions) and click to change your Change Lab/WiFi/Email/Blackboard Password under the Student Info tab at the top of the page.  Please allow up to an hour for changes to be made to all systems.