Information Technology

Computer Login Instructions

The first screen you will see after accessing a Southeastern computer will be:
CAD Screen







After entering CTRL–ALT–DELETE the “Please Read Before Logging On” window will appear:
User Agreement






Click on “OK” to accept the terms of the Southeastern’s Lab Usage Policy. Links to this policy and the OneNet acceptable use policy are available under the “Favorites Menu” in Internet Explorer on each lab computer. By clicking on “OK”, you agree to be bound by these policies.

The student username will be comprised in the following manner:

Student passwords will be set to the 8 digit birth date [MMDDYYYY]


Student: John Doe
Student ID: 123456789
D.O.B.: 07/02/1776

New User Name: jdoe89
New Password: 07021776
Login Example








NOTE: Student ID numbers, student usernames, and student email addresses may be retrieved from Campus Connect (CampusConnect), which will allow students to login using their SSN or their new student ID number. Students may also contact the Registrar’s Office in person to obtain their Student ID number. The new Student ID number will be printed on student schedules, award letters, and billing statements.

Example of a Student Desktop:

Student Desktop