Information Technology

Wireless Access

Printable Instructions

  • Go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings to connect to a wireless network.
    • Students on the main campus should connect to the SE_Wireless network
    • Student housing residents should connect to the SE_Housing network
  • Type southeastern (case sensitive) for the Security Key/Password.
  • A screen will display the Southeastern Wireless Login Page.
    • To connect to the network as a student, you will need to enter your student username and password used to log into campus computer labs into the boxes.
    • To connect to the network as a Faculty/Staff member, you will need to click Faculty/Staff Login and enter your Faculty/Staff username and password used to log into campus computers.

Figure 1. SE_Wireless Login Page

  • Devices without web browsers – such as gaming consoles, Kindles, Apple TVs, Rokus, etc. must be registered before use on the University’s wireless networks. To register, go to
  • You can log in on as many different devices as you need using your login credentials
  • The SE_Guest network is for intended for guests of the campus to have temporary internet access. This network has limited bandwidth and access to campus resources.  For the best wireless experience, students and faculty/staff should always use SE_Wireless or SE_Housing networks!