Information Technology

Student Email Upgrade

Southeastern IT will be migrating student email from the current Convergence email system hosted by OneNet to an email solution hosted by Microsoft on December 20, 2017. While there are numerous reasons for this migration, the primary goal is to provide an improved experience for our students while using their student email account. The Convergence email system has provided Southeastern students with many years of stable service. However, in an effort to improve accessibility, simplify account configuration on mobile devices, and provide greater account management it has become necessary to migrate to a new email hosting solution. Southeastern has partnered with Microsoft in the past to not only provide students with free access to the Microsoft Office 365 package but Southeastern also utilizes a Microsoft email hosting solution for our faculty/staff email system. The strong relationship between Southeastern and Microsoft in addition to the excellent performance history with our currently hosted faculty/staff email system gives us tremendous confidence that this migration will lead to a much-improved email experience for our students. The migration of student email accounts will begin during the upcoming Holiday break on December 20. Please refer to the area below that applies to you for important information on the email migration that you will need to know.


If you are a current student, the migration process will be done automatically with your current mailbox and its contents being migrated to the new Microsoft email system. Beginning on December 20, 2017 all current students will have access to their new Microsoft Office 365 student email. The Convergence email system will no longer be available for current students once the new Microsoft account becomes available. During the migration, there will be a period of no more than a few days beginning December 20th that email stored on the Convergence system will be unavailable. However, at conclusion of the migration the email will be once again available and located on the new Microsoft email system. If you have email currently on Convergence that you require access to during this unavailable period, please plan accordingly by moving (exporting or simply forwarding) the required email message or messages to another email system. Once the Microsoft Office 365 service is activated on December 20, 2017, all new email will be received on the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Instructions for accessing your new Microsoft Office 365 student email can be viewed at This link will contain updated information as the migration is performed. It will include links to the new Office 365 portal as well as the link to the old email service for any former students wanting to migrate their email to a different service.


If you are a former student and no longer actively enrolled at Southeastern, your mailbox WILL NOT be migrated to the new system. In this instance, if you wish to archive or maintain access to email stored in your student account it will be necessary to export that email into a different account. Importing of email is a common occurrence and all major email providers offer a simple and straight forward method for doing this. As a courtesy, we have provided instructions on how to move email from your current student mailbox to two of the most popular email providers ( & If you utilize another system such as Yahoo! Mail, iCloud Mail, AOL Mail, etc., you will need to review your particular email provider’s instructions on importing email. This process will likely ask for mail server names or port information. Please review the or instructions for this information as it is universal regardless of your email provider. Again, this is a common occurrence and should be a straight forward process regardless of email provider. Though these instances should be very uncommon, if you are unable to import your student email to your particular email provider of choice you will need to create an or account and migrate the email to that account. There is no cost associated with creating these accounts.

Southeastern IT is very excited to be making this migration and confident every student will enjoy a much-improved experience while utilizing their Southeastern Student Email. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this email migration, please email us at, call the Southeastern IT Help Desk at 4357 or off campus 580-745-2408.