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Milena Vitez

Home-country/Town: Split, Croatia11040314_1607983516103460_2033100320_n

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

On campus job(s): International Student Services Office Assistant

Interests/Favorite activities/ Clubs, etc.: I am also a tennis player at Southeastern. Besides tennis, I like soccer. I love to go to the cinema. Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do.

My SE Experience:  At Southeastern Oklahoma State University one of my favorite things is that professors are really approachable and willing to help. For example, one of my hardest classes was History. My professor was giving me advices how to study, what I have to do to get better grade, and all small tips every student need. Above everything, my professor was extremely supportive and made me feel like I can do anything I want. It helped me for other classes also. I love how professors approach to students!