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International Student Services

International Student Online Profile

General Information
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Middle Names:
Given/First Name(s):
Date of Birth: Month: Day: Year:
Email Address:
How did you find out about Southeastern?
If other, please explain:
International Mailing Address:
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Postal Code:
U.S. Mailing Address (only if currently living in the U.S.)
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Enrollment Information

Explanation of Student Types

Are you applying as a freshman, transfer or graduate student? :
  • Freshman – I have never attended a post secondary (college/university) institution. If so, I attempted six or less credit hours.
  • Transfer – A student who has attempted a minimum of seven or more semester hours of post-secondary (university/college-level) credit after graduation from secondary (high) school.
  • Graduate – I am applying for a Master’s Degree.
Beginning Term:
Beginning Year:
Intended Major:
Secondary School (High School)
Have you graduated from secondary (high) school?
High School Graduation: Month: Year:
Post-Secondary (College/University) Institutions
Institution Name City, State/Province, Country From
Degree Received
English Proficiency
Have you taken the TOEFL or IELTS?
If yes, what was your score?
TOEFL Registration Number or IELTS TRF:

Correspondence concerning your admissions decision and all other questions will be sent to the email you provided on your application.

Today’s Date: Month: Day: Year:

(Signature) By entering my full name here, I,

  • certify that I have listed every secondary (high) school and post-secondary institution (university/college) and that all the information on my application is correct.
  • understand that any falsification is cause for immediate cancellation of registration and/or dismissal from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. All credentials submitted in support of this application become and remain the property of Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

I understand that, If I am admitted to Southeastern Oklahoma State University (Southeastern):

  • I must bring original paper academic records when I report to campus and before enrolling in any classes.
  • I must take college placement testing during international student orientation week.
  • I must purchase and maintain required health insurance in order to enroll and stay enrolled (every semester) at Southeastern.
  • This health insurance policy must include a hospitalization policy and repatriation benefits.
  • The cost of health insurance will be listed on my I-20.
  • I am required to begin the immunization process when I arrive on campus. I must either be vaccinated against hepatitis-B and measles, mumps and rubella (MMR); complete Certification of Compliance form stating the vaccine conflicts with my moral or religious beliefs; or provide written statement from a licensed physician which indicates a vaccine is medically contraindicated.