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Why Study at Southeastern?

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Southeastern is affordable. The total cost for one academic year (tuition, fees, textbooks, on-campus accommodation and a meal plan) is approximately US $23,700 for a Bachelor’s Degree and $20,000 for a Master’s Degree (Unless attending the Online MBA Program from your home country $11,880). This cost does not include scholarships, which are available to international students from national sources.

Southeastern is student-centered. With around 4,000 students, Southeastern is a place where student engagement and success is the focus. Smaller classroom sizes give the student more interaction with the professor(s) in a one-on-one setting. The success of the student is our main priority!

Southeastern is unique. Along with academic programs in the sciences, social sciences, education, fine arts and areas like computer information systems and computer science, Southeastern also offers degree programs such as aviation, criminal justice, occupational safety and health, and a business school which is one of approximately 700 in the world to earn prestigious accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).  Check out a list of degrees and majors here, and additional information from each department here.

Southeastern is safe and friendly. We are located in the small city of Durant, known for its hospitality and its Native American presence. Southeastern is also just 1.5 hours from the Dallas metro area and 15 minutes away from beautiful Lake Texoma.

Southeastern is diverse. For instance, Southeastern’s student population is 30% Native American and an International population from over 40 countries.