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Dr. Joshua Nannestad to Present at ACDA Convention

Joshua Hawkins Nannestad, Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education, will present an interest session at the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) Southwestern Convention in Oklahoma City in March of 2018. “Increasing Retention with Intergenerational Projects” will speak to a perennial concern for choral directors: Once the students have started in a choral ensemble, how can directors make sure they stay and complete every year of the program? We spend quite a lot of time discussing recruiting strategies, and we’d all like to believe that our splendid teaching will keep our students singing, but Dr. Nannestad will demonstrate how certain projects that pair young and old musicians may increase the odds that we are creating lifelong musicians.

This presentation grows out of Dr. Nannestad’s doctoral research on Noye’s Fludde, a charming church opera by Benjamin Britten that was composed specifically for a blend of professional and amateur musicians. He conducted and produced (along with his wife Joanna) a production of Noye’s Fludde before studying the American performance history and writing about it for the Choral Journal and his 2014 dissertation. Britten’s extraordinary work is now 60 years old, and part of the ACDA presentation will include encouragement for contemporary composers to consider intergenerational projects.

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