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Dr. Kate Stubbs, Spring Recital dates

Dr. Kate Stubbs (piano) is on the road promoting the Department of Music this Spring through a series of recitals.

This month, Dr. Stubbs begins her active performance schedule with a concert on February 13th (SOSU Fine Arts Recital Hall). Joined by her colleagues Dr. Michael Scheuerman (clarinet) and Ms. Jen Guzman (clarinet), the concert will feature a ‘variety of styles and sonorities which have both been a challenge and a joy to explore,” says Dr. Stubbs. The concert will also be heard at Ouachita Baptist University (February 19th) and the University of North Texas (March 2nd).

Her work continues into April, this time with a colleague from Texas A&M University-Commerce, Dr. Jennifer Glidden (soprano). Featuring Schumann’s Frauenliebe und leben , Larsen’s Songs from Letters (Calamity Jane to her daughter Janey, 1880-1902) , and Berber’s Despite and Still, this recital will be presented at four locations: Southeastern Oklahoma State University (April 3rd), Texas A&M University-Commerce (April 5th), The University of Southern Mississippi (April 7th), and Northwester State (April 9th).


For more information about the performances, please contact Dr. Stubbs.

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