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Steger Institute

Mrs. Ruth Steger, Professor Emeritus in Piano and Founder of the Steger Institutes

Steger Institutes

An endowment was established in 1997 by Ruth and Virge Steger of Durant in recognition of Mrs. Ruth Steger’s long and distinguished service as Professor of Piano at Southeastern. This endowment has created the Steger Institutes, consisting of the Steger International Artist Series, which brings to SOSU performing artists from around the world for concerts and masterclasses, and the Steger Cultural Exchange Institute which brings students and teachers from around the world to cultural activities at SOSU.

Steger International Artist Series

The Steger International Artist Series is a part of the Steger Institutes. Its mission is to bring to Durant and area audiences concert performers from the United States, Europe and Asia for concerts featuring the piano in both solo and ensemble formats, presenting literature from all major style periods. These same performers offer their expertise in masterclasses conducted for area student pianists in which the students are given the opportunity to perform for the visiting artist and receive constructive advice to improve their playing.

Daniele Alberti, Brescia, Italy, Director of the international “Armonie sotto la Rocca”, concert artist for Steger International Artist Series

Steger Cultural Exchange Institute

The Steger Cultural Exchange Institute is also a part of the Steger Institutes. The mission of the Cultural Exchange Institute is to promote the study and performance of music for the piano. The goal of the Cultural Exchange Institute is to bring together students and artist teachers of diverse cultural heritage. This is done in order to share both the commonality and diversity of their approaches to music making and to exchange views on the role of the arts in their respective societies.

Steger Institute Director James Wintle and Jia Xin , a student from the Wuhan Conservatory in Wuhan, China, participant in Steger Cultural Exchange Institute.

Members of the SOSU faculty and members of the faculty of Xing Hai Conservatory in Guangzhou, China, presentation of gifts of Chinese instruments to SOSU and Steger Cultural Exchange Institute.

Participating solo artists in Steger International Artist Series

  • Ralph Votapek, Michigan University
  • Abbey Simon, Juilliard School
  • Robert Blocker, Yale University
  • Ursula Oppens, Northwestern University
  • Douglas Humpherys, Eastman School of Music
  • Giovanni Umberto Battel, Venice, Italy
  • Daniele Alberti, Brescia, Italy
  • Hugues Leclere, Paris, France
  • Yang Ming, Beijing, China
  • Jan Kadlubiski, Warsaw, Poland
  • Claude Frank, Yale University
  • Maurizio Barboro, Genoa, Italy
  • Paul Pollei, Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition