Department of Music
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Mission Statement

The Department of Music at Southeastern offers an opportunity for the study, development, and refinement of musicianship in order to prepare students for careers in music.  We foster a self-fulfillment and self-determination that will enable our students to attain their highest potential and expand their creative scope.  We promote a curiosity and an attitude towards life as an unending learning experience leading to futures as effective self-teachers with high musical and humanitarian standards.

Specifically, we believe that a student of music must have a working, functioning knowledge of the elements of music combined with basic skills in manipulating those elements (theory, composing, scoring, arranging). Next, we believe that a musician must have the verbal skills and grasp of historical context that will permit communication and description of music (literature, musical analysis, music history, humanities, and methods and media). And third, we believe that a music student must attain a high standard of musical performance capability (applied music, aural skills, conducting, and ensemble performance). The course of study in music at Southeastern is designed to enhance and support these objectives. Ensemble performance, for example, is the laboratory experience wherein the skills learned in private lessons are put to practical application in a context that will be useful in the future for performances and performance preparation.