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In-State Travel

In-State Travel

All claims for reimbursement for travel expenses must be submitted on approved Travel Information Claim with expenses itemized. Travel Information Claim Form should be completed upon return to home after the trip, unless filing a monthly claim. If claiming mileage for In-state or local travel, submit no more than 31 days travel on one claim form. To expedite payment for reimbursement of expenses attach all required documentation and secure all the proper signatures. If you have problems printing, go to “Page Setup” and adjust the scaling on the “Page” tab or call Kay Lynn Roberts x2977

In-State Travel Reimbursement (No Overnight Stay)

In State Travel Reimbursement (No Overnight Stay)

  • Mileage – ODOT chart (Print and Attach)
  • Registration Fee
    • Attach Paid receipt for registration fee. Must be a Paid receipt.
    • If No Paid receipt
      • Copy of credit card statement, or
      • Copy of cancelled check (front and back)
  • Tolls, Parking, etc.

In-State Travel Reimbursement (Overnight Stay)

  • Mileage — ODOT chart (Print and Attach)
  • Registration Fee
    • Attach original Paid receipt for registration fee. Must be a paid receipt.
    • If No Paid receipt
      • Copy of credit card statement, or
      • Copy of cancelled check (front and back)
  • Tolls, parking, etc.
  • Lodging (if claiming lodging reimbursement)
    • Attach original itemized Paid receipt from hotel – Must reflect a $0 balance
    • If a hotel is designated by the conference, the designated rate is reimbursable, not to exceed single occupancy rate.
      • Documentation such as Brochure / Schedule must be attached from the conference indicating designated hotel information and designated lodging rate.
        • A sponsor may arrange a meeting, workshop or similar travel objective to be held at a host or headquarters lodging facility. In such travel instances and when the hotel is specified by the sponsor’s announcement or notice (e.g., conference brochure), reimbursement may be allowed for the actual cost of lodging not to exceed the single occupancy room rate charge as indicated on the paid lodging receipt.
      • The single room rate must be specified on the conference literature.
      • If No designated hotel conference rate
  • Per Diem (if claiming per diem reimbursement)
    • Go to (Print and Attach)
    • Documentation such as Brochure or Literature must be attached to verify per diem days allowable if claiming per diem reimbursement
      • Verify Beginning and Ending Dates and Times of the Conference or Meeting
        • Standard 24-Hour Travel Rule
          • Reimbursement for meals and lodging expenses shall not extend more than 24 hours before and/or more than 24 hours after the date/time the object of travel (e.g. meeting, workshop, conference, etc) began and/or ended.
        • If claimant opts to leave more than the 24 hrs before the conference begins the per diem will start at the time the conference begins
        • If claimant opts to return more than 24 hrs after the conference ends the per diem will stop at the time the conference ends
      • If meals were included in the registration fee, the number of meals provided should be indicated on the form and one-fourth of one day’s meal and incidental expense allowance should be deducted from the per diem for each meal provided.
        • Highlight meals provided
        • “Continental breakfasts” and refreshments, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc., provided during meeting breaks are not considered meals.
          • Claimant may opt to count as a meal