Occupational Safety & Health

OSH Alumni Gives Back to SE

emery-2-editOn September 7, 2016 the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Department received an expression of a student’s appreciation for the department, and its overall mission of producing effective, modern safety professionals.  Mr. Richard Emery personally donated eight new DI-65 (dense industrial) scaffold-grade planks (a $250.00 value) for students’ use in the SFTY 3553 Construction Safety course.  During the course, students learn how to safely assemble frame scaffolding, as well as what inherent hazards are involved in that process.  The planking will replace the current planks that are being used in the course, which have suffered various damage over the years that the course has been offered.   Dr. Nichols accepted the gift on behalf of the OSH Department.  “We are extremely thankful to have SE Students such as Richard to support our department in our time of need,” stated Nichols.