Administrative Council

Dr. Aaron Adair

Assistant Dean of Adult and Online Education/Assessment Management System Coordinator

Mr. Keith Baxter

Director of Athletics

Mr. Alan Burton

Director, University Communications

Dr. Chris Moretti

Chair, Faculty Senate

Dr. Bryon Clark

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Instruction

Ms. Michele Campbell

Executive Assistant to the President

Ms. Stephanie Davison

Director of Alumni Relations

Ms. Kathy Hendrick

Director, Southeastern Oklahoma Economic Development Network

Mr. Scott Hensley

Director, Continuing Education

Ms. Liz McCraw

Dean of Enrollment Management

Dr. Douglas McMillan

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Larry Minks


Mr. Dan Moore

Executive Director for Information Technology

Mrs. Camille Phelps

Dean of Students

Dr. Jerry Polson

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Support, Dean of the School of Graduate and University Studies

Ms. Sharon Robinson

Vice President, Student Affairs

Ms. Terri Rogers

Administrative Assistant to the President

Dr. Lucretia Scoufos

Dean of Instruction

Mr. Kyle Stafford

Executive Director, University Advancement

Dr. Claire Stubblefield

Special Assistant to the President, Director of Institutional Diversity, Affirmative Action Officer

Mr. Ross Walkup

Vice President, Business Affairs

Ms. Cathy Conway

Human Resources Director

Mr. David Conway

Aviation Professor/Director/Chair

Ms. Mary Jo Diessner

President’s Office Assistant

Ms. Kay Lynn Roberts

Director of Finance/Controller

Ms. Sharon Morrison

Director/Associate Professor; Library

Ms. Stephanie Makke


Mr. Jason Hicks

SSA President

Mr. Tim Boatmun

Associate Dean, Academic Services