Office of the President

Spirit of Southeastern Award


The Spirit of Southeastern Award was established in May 1998, with the first awards being presented during the Spring semester 1999. The Spirit of Southeastern Award was created to recognize a faculty member, a staff member, and a student for their contribution to the spirit of community at Southeastern.


  • Honorees will be recognized at the Faculty/Staff Recognition Banquet each spring.
  • The selection and presentation will be kept secret until the official announcement and presentation is made to the honoree. (Exception to secrecy — nominator, family, friends, and peers can be made aware of scheduled presentation.)
  • Awards during the semester will be presented at a site where honorees are involved in class, work, etc. in order that peers can be present for the presentation. Nominators will be notified so he/she can attend the presentation. The President will present a certificate, a balloon bouquet, and a bag of cookies to the honoree. Photos will be taken.
  • There will be a maximum of four awards presented in any one time period. Fewer presentations are acceptable. This maximum number may be waived by a vote of the members. (majority vote)
  • The nomination form is available in HP 126 or forms will be mailed upon request. Contact person is Vicki Hudson. Also, nominations may be submitted via e-mail to Vicki Hudson, Chair of the “Spirit of Southeastern” Committee.
  • The “whole” of Southeastern is included in eligibility status for nomination.
  • All “categorizing” of nominees is eliminated and is of no importance in the nomination process nor in the selection process. For purposes of scheduling presentations, the nominator will be asked to designate if the nominee is an employee or a student.
  • Nominations will be open for all nominating periods plus nominees may be reconsidered if not selected immediately upon nomination.
  • Awards will be presented once during the Fall semester, once during the Spring Semester, and once during the Summer.
    • Individuals may not nominate himself/herself.
    • Individuals may not win award in two consecutive time periods.
    • Committee members are not eligible to receive awards while serving on the committee.
    • Committee members are appointed by the President.
    • Selection of honorees will be by a majority vote of the committee members.