Purchasing Office Forms

Pre-Payment Approval Registration Fee Effective January 1 2015

Advance (Pre-) Payment is subject to approval for advance payment only when failure to pay in advance would preclude the agency from contracting for those services - reference J. page 143 Statewide Accounting Manual The use of the 'Pre-Pay Approval - Registration Fee' form is valid only if requirements are met (if out-of-state overnight / international travel -  submit 'Out-of'-State Overnight / International Travel Request' form to secure required approvals prior to charging on departmental PCard)

In-State and Out of State Travel / International Travel Pre-Payment Approval - Registration Fee Requirements

The following requirements must be met to qualify for Pre-Payment of registration.
  • Organization requires preregistration along with payment and by standard policy will not accept a state purchase order in lieu of payment.


All three of the following:

  • Prepayment results in a discount to the state AND
  • Allows for substitution of participant AND
  • Provide a 100% refund to Southeastern Oklahoma State University should the event be cancelled.

Blank Jacket Form (PDF)

Jackets are for internal office use within departments under the Vice President of Business Affairs.

Past 30 Day Encumbrance Requirement Explanation Form (Excel)

Invoices are required to be encumbered (paid) within 30 days of the invoice date.

Meal Expense Approval Form

A Meal Expense Approval Form must be submitted and approved by the President prior to an event where a Faculty/Staff member eats and is not  in travel status.